What We Can Offer

The Métis Financial Corporation of BC has been created to provide you with financing and business development support designed to meet your needs. These services will help you build your British Columbia Métis owned and controlled business.

Our mandate and structure permits us to provide financing at competitive interest rates and with fewer restrictions than commercial lenders such as banks and credit unions. As your project partner, we can offer support for developing business plans that are required to access our funding. MFCBC can offer repayable assistance for up to 75% of the cost of the business plan.

If you are a Métis person in British Columbia looking at the possibility of owning or expanding your existing business, the Métis Financial Corporation of BC can help provide access to financing for business start-up, acquisition or expansion of viable businesses.

The Métis Financial Corporation of BC is here to help you build on your idea and assist with the financing of your project.